Larry Schmidt
President since 1980

Larry has had a long migration from technician to company executive. Here since the beginning, Larry lived through the early days of doing whatever it took with what was at hand to make shows happen. He built a reputation for reliability and service that is the backbone of the company today. Larry still spends most of his time in the field as well as more long nights at his desk.


Dennis Cooper
Since 1987

Dennis began work with Reel Rock Productions in 1985, working part time on weekends and holidays from his day job at a local television station, he went fulltime as the company's only full time employee in 1987. Coming from a stage and lighting background, Dennis has learned audio systems by using them through the years and now acts as system tech on most audio shows.


Phillip Jackson
Since 1999

Phillip's background is in video and computers. Coming from a local station, Phillip is the primary video go to guy. He also has refined audio and lights skills by having to go out and do them. Phillip also happens to head up the rigging department, which includes dissecting both chain motors and Genie lifts as well as repairing them.


Eddie Vertuno
Since 2002

The company has known Eddy for years as a musician and sound engineer. Since joining the company, Eddy handles the audio warehouse, repair, system prep and mixing duties. He also owns his own system which lives in a local live event club. Under gun point, he can set up lights and will at least touch staging.


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