The average listener is more educated about audio and has definite expectations of how things should sound.


We've been known for years for our great sound at live events. Years of setting up  multi band events, concerts, press conferences, meetings, every type of live sound event has given us the experience to make it happen right the first time. But experience is only part of it. Having state of the art equipment is also important.

 Ten years ago we made the leap to digital audio with the addition of a QSC WideLine 10 line array speaker system and extended this to include the new WideLine 8, compact line array as well. The system is controlled and monitored by QSC Basis processors via Cobranet transport.

We  offer an extensive inventory of self powered  QSC K and KW series speakers for any size performance. These paired with our new Souncraft Si Compact 32 channel digital consoles make quick,small audio systems that are quite versitile.


Current inventory has 40 of the WideLine 10 speakers and 16 of the WideLine 8 complete with matching sub cabinets. All of this can hang with our flybars and motors, or perform in a ground based system. This allows us to offer high fidelity digital audio in a discrete powerful sound system suitable for concert or corporate situations. To Learn more about the WideLine systems, go to


We continue to move toward total digital with  2 Yamaha PM 5D RH digital audio consoles the new Si compacts and a Yamaha O1V96 digital console, for small shows. This year we will futher expand the inventory.


We offer a wide range of new QSC K Series and KW series self powered speakers that reduce overall size and weight of the audio system. Less is often more and smaller, faster and more versatile is the goal. PSG can provide better sound with less time and equipment in a clean professional package.


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